Dr Despina Katsohi

Dr. Despina Katsochi is a senior clinical Radiation Oncologist. She holds medical degrees of expertise in both Radiology and Radiation Oncology from the University of RWTH, in Aachen, Germany where she received the degree of Associated Professor and senior Deputy Director.

She is the 1992 International Patent holder for a specialized radiotherapy accessory. She is an active member of the American, European and Greek Society of Radiation Oncology. She has authored numerous original scientific articles that have been published in journals as well as chapters in books.

Her clinical activities involve general radiation oncology, treating patients with breast, cervix, prostate, bladder, and lung cancer using newest techniques like radiosurgery, stereotactic body irradiation and brachytherapy. Dr. Katsochi’s offers personalized, scientific care and support because she takes it personally!

Head of Radiation Oncology Team (aktinotherapeia.gr)

Head Radiation Oncologist of the Prostate Brachytherapy (prostate.gr )

Consultant at Radiosurgery Gamma Knife Unit and Cyberknife

Founder and President of the non-profit organization for cancer prevention, AKOS (akoslife.com)